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ChainsFamily NameDomain Identifier ArchitecturePossible HomologyHomologyTopologyFamilyProvenance Source (Version)
AF_UNCLASSIFIEDe5vw7A2 A: beta barrelsX: cradle loop barrelH: RIFT-relatedT: Alanine racemase-CF: F_UNCLASSIFIEDECOD (1.6)
APF00175e5vw7A1 A: a/b three-layered sandwichesX: Ferredoxin reductase-like, C-terminal NADP-linked domain (From Topology)H: Ferredoxin reductase-like, C-terminal NADP-linked domain (From Topology)T: Ferredoxin reductase-like, C-terminal NADP-linked domainF: PF00175ECOD (1.6)

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ChainDomainClassArchitectureTopologyHomologyProvenance Source (Version)
A2.40.30.10 Mainly Beta Beta Barrel Elongation Factor Tu (Ef-tu) domain 3CATH (4.3.0)
A3.40.50.80 Alpha Beta 3-Layer(aba) Sandwich Rossmann fold Nucleotide-binding domain of ferredoxin-NADP reductase (FNR) moduleCATH (4.3.0)

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PF00175Oxidoreductase NAD-binding domain (NAD_binding_1)Oxidoreductase NAD-binding domainXanthine dehydrogenases, that also bind FAD/NAD, have essentially no similarity.Domain