2003 PDB Poster Prize Winners

The 2003 PDB Poster Prize was awarded for the best student poster presentations at each of the meetings of the IUCr Regional Associates--the American Crystallographic Association (ACA), the Asian Crystallographic Association (AsCA), and the European Crystallographic Association (ECM). Each winner received a signed copy of Introduction to Macromolecular Crystallography by Alexander McPherson and Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics by Jonathan Prevsner.


ACA 2003
Ty Gould

Paul Hubbard

Janet Deane

Carina Lobley

The first-ever PDB Poster Prize was awarded at the ACA meeting to Ty Gould for the poster "Quorum Sensing Signal Generation by the AHL Synthsase LasI in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Pathogenesis" (T.A. Gould1, R.C. Murphy1, H.P. Schweizer2, M.E.A. Churchill2; 1Dept. of Pharmacology, Univ. of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, CO; 2Dept. of Microbiology, Colorado State Univ., Fort Collins, CO). A runner-up award was made to Paul Hubbard for the poster "Structure and Catalytic Mechanism of Bacterial 2, 4 - Dienoyl CoA Reductase." (Xiquan Liang3, Horst Schulz3, Jung-Ja Kim, Department of Biochemistry, Medical College of Wisconsin; 3Department of Chemistry, The City University of New York). Special thanks to the ACA PDB Poster Prize Committee members -- Vivien Yee (Chair), Victor Young, Tom Koetzle, Sylvie Doublie, Marvin L. Hackert, -- and the committee's organizer, Jeanette Krause Bauer.

AsCA 2003
The prize was awarded to Janet Deane for the poster "Crystal structure of a complex of FLINC4, an intramolecular LMO4:LDB1 complex" (Janet E. Deane, Megan Maher, J. Mitchell Guss, and Jacqueline M. Matthews, School of Molecular and Microbial Biosciences, University of Sydney).

Special thanks to the judges of all of the student posters at AsCA -- Ted Baker (Chair), Peter Colman, Janet Smith, Mark Spackman, Colin Raston, and Yu Wang.

ECM 2003
The prize was awarded to Carina Lobley for the poster "Structural Studies of the Enzymes of Pantothenate Synthesis" (Carina M.C. Lobley1, Mairi L. Kilkenny1, Florian Schmitzberger1, Michael E. Webb2, Chris Abell2, Alison G. Smith3,1, Tom L. Blundell1; 1Department of Biochemistry, Cambridge; 2University Chemical Laboratory, Cambridge; 3Department of Plant Sciences, Cambridge).

Special thanks to the judges of all of the student posters at ECM -- G. Davies, C. Kenyon, E.F. Garman, and A. Roodt.