2018 RCSB PDB Poster Prize for Student Presentations

Poster Prize Overview

All 2018 awardees will be listed on the RCSB PDB website and will receive an educational book.


Fergus Boyles

At this year's meeting of the 2018 Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB) Conference, the award went to Fergus Boyles for Learning from the ligand: improving binding affinity prediction using molecular descriptors (Fergus Boyles, Charlotte Deane, Garrett Morris, University of Oxford, United Kingdom).

Many thanks to Co-Chairs Casey Greene (University of Pennsylvania) and Arjun Krishnan (Michigan State University), and Steven Leard (ISMB).


Dean Lang

At this year's American Crystallographic Association's Annual Meeting, the RCSB PDB Poster Prize award went to Dean Lang for Structural basis of substrate specificity in three groups of N-methyltransferases important to benzylisoquinoline alkaloid metabolism (D.E. Lang, J.M. Lancaster, M.A. Torres, J.S. Morris, V.A. Maksimovich, P.J. Facchini, K.K.S. Ng, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada).

Many thanks to Poster Prize Chair Louise Dawe (Wilfrid Laurier University) and judges Jeffrey Lee (University of Toronto), Eric J. Montemayor (University of Wisconsin–Madison), Rachel A. Powers (Grand Valley State University), Catherine Lawson (Rutgers University), Matthew Clifton (Nurix, Inc.), Clara L. Kielkopf (Rochester University), Edwin Stevens (Western Kentucky University), Ana G. Gonzalez (Lund University), and Blaine Mooers (Oklahoma University).


Tess Malcolm

At this year's combined conference of the Asian Crystallographic Association (AsCA) and the Society of Crystallographers in Australia and New Zealand (SCANZ), the award went to Tess Malcolm for Metal-dependent dynamic equilibrium: A mechanism for regulation of the Plasmodium M17 aminopeptidases? (Tess Malcolm, Nyssa Drinkwater, Sarah Atkinson, Natalie Borg, Sheena McGowan, Monash University).

Many thanks to Jodie Johnston (University of Canterbury), Kurt Krause (University of Otago) Christopher Squire (University of Auckland), and all of the poster judges.