2020 RCSB PDB Poster Prize for Student Presentations

Poster Prize Overview

All 2020 awardees will be listed on the RCSB PDB website and will receive an educational book.



At this year's meeting of the Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology Conference (ISMB), the award went to Aya Narunsky for How proteins evolved to recognize an ancient nucleotide.

How proteins evolved to recognize an ancient nucleotide? Aya Narunsky (Yale University), Amit Kessel (Tel-Aviv University), Ron Solan (Tel Aviv University), Vikram Alva (Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology), Rachel Kolodny (University of Haifa), and Nir Ben Tal (Tel-Aviv University)

See also On the evolution of protein-adenine binding. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 117: 4701–4709. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1911349117

Many thanks to Steven Leard (ISMB) for his continued support. This year's prize was judged by RCSB PDB's Stephen K. Burley and Sebastian Bittrich.


Takahiro Yamauchiß

Takahiro Yamauchi

Ravi Yadav

Ravi Yadav

At this year's American Crystallographic Association's Annual Meeting, the RCSB PDB Poster Prize award went to Takahiro Yamauchi for Crystal and Solution structures of Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen from Crenarchaeon Aeropyrum pernix Takahiro Yamauchi (Iryo Sosei University and Fukushima Rosai Hospital, Japan), Tsubasa Takemori, Makiko Kikuchi, Yasuhito Iizuka, Satoshi Ishikawa, and Masaru Tsunoda (Iryo Sosei University).

The judges also awarded an Honorable Mention to Ravi Yadav (Purdue University) for Structural basis of Neisserial lactoferrin binding protein B function.
Ravi Yadav (Purdue University), Srinivas Chakravarthy (Argonne National Laboratory), Courtney Daczkowski (Purdue University), Nicholas Noinaj (Purdue University).

Many thanks to Poster Prize Chairs Louise Dawe (Wilfrid Laurier University) and Tiffany Kinnibrugh (Argonne National Laboratory) and the judges.