Crystal Structure of Bacillus DNA Polymerase I Large Fragment Bound to Duplex DNA with Cytosine-Adenine Mismatch at (n-1) Position

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Version NumberVersion DateVersion Type/Reason Version ChangeRevised CIF Category
1.02011-10-19Initial release
1.12011-11-16Database references
1.22014-04-02Source and taxonomy Download
2.02020-07-29Remediation / Carbohydrate remediationAdvisory, Atomic model, Data collection, Derived calculations, Non-polymer description, Structure summaryatom_site, chem_comp, entity, entity_name_com, pdbx_branch_scheme, pdbx_chem_comp_identifier, pdbx_entity_branch, pdbx_entity_branch_descriptor, pdbx_entity_branch_link, pdbx_entity_branch_list, pdbx_entity_nonpoly, pdbx_molecule_features, pdbx_nonpoly_scheme, pdbx_unobs_or_zero_occ_atoms, struct_asym, struct_conn, struct_conn_type, struct_site, struct_site_gen
2.12023-09-13Data collection, Database references, Refinement description, Structure summarychem_comp, chem_comp_atom, chem_comp_bond, database_2, pdbx_initial_refinement_model Download