Structure of the Mimivirus genomic fibre in its compact 6-start helix form

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Version NumberVersion DateVersion Type/Reason Version ChangeRevised CIF Category
1.02022-08-10Initial release Download
2.02023-07-12Coordinate replacement / Model orientation/positionAdvisory, Atomic model, Data collection, Derived calculations, Refinement description, Structure summaryatom_site, em_software, pdbx_contact_author, pdbx_struct_assembly, pdbx_struct_sheet_hbond, pdbx_validate_close_contact, pdbx_validate_peptide_omega, pdbx_validate_torsion, refine_ls_restr, software, struct_conf, struct_mon_prot_cis, struct_sheet, struct_sheet_order, struct_sheet_range
2.12023-07-19Database referencescitation, citation_author
2.22024-07-17Data collectionchem_comp_atom, chem_comp_bond, em_admin Download