D405N mutant of the CELLOBIOHYDROLASE CEL6A FROM HUMICOLA INSOLENS in complex with methyl-tetrathio-alpha-d-cellopentoside at 1.1 angstrom resolution

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ChainsDomain InfoClassFoldSuperfamilyFamilyDomainSpeciesProvenance Source (Version)
Ad1oc7a_ Alpha and beta proteins (a/b) 7-stranded beta/alpha barrel Glycosyl hydrolases family 6, cellulases Glycosyl hydrolases family 6, cellulases Cellobiohydrolase II (Cel6) (Humicola insolens ) [TaxId: 34413 ], SCOPe (2.08)

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ChainsTypeFamily Name Domain Identifier Family IdentifierProvenance Source (Version)
ASCOP2 FamilyGlycosyl hydrolases family 6 cellulases8021565 4003563 SCOP2 (2022-06-29)
ASCOP2 SuperfamilyGlycosyl hydrolases family 6 cellulases8033945 3001060 SCOP2 (2022-06-29)

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ChainsFamily NameDomain Identifier ArchitecturePossible HomologyHomologyTopologyFamilyProvenance Source (Version)
AGlyco_hydro_6e1oc7A1 A: a/b barrelsX: TIM beta/alpha-barrelH: Cellulases (From Topology)T: CellulasesF: Glyco_hydro_6ECOD (1.6)

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ChainDomainClassArchitectureTopologyHomologyProvenance Source (Version)
A3.20.20.40 Alpha Beta Alpha-Beta Barrel TIM Barrel 1, 4-beta cellobiohydrolaseCATH (4.2.0)

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PF01341Glycosyl hydrolases family 6 (Glyco_hydro_6)Glycosyl hydrolases family 6- Domain