K93: 12-oxidanyl-9,11$l^{3}-dioxa-1$l^{4},19$l^{4},22,27$l^{4},28$l^{4}-pentaza-10$l^{6}-lutetaoctacyclo[^{3,7}.1^{10,13}.0^{1,10}.0^{10,19}.0^{10,28}.0^{17,27}]octacosa-3,5,7(28),11,13,15,17(27)-heptaen-8-one

K93 is a Ligand Of Interest in 7ZU8 designated by the RCSB

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IdentifierRanking for goodness of fit Ranking for geometry Real space R factor Real space correlation coefficient RMSZ-bond-length RMSZ-bond-angleOutliers of bond length Outliers of bond angle Atomic clashesStereochemical errorsModel completenessAverage occupancy
7ZU8_K93_A_503 29% 61% 0.26 0.9220.5 0.99 - 100100%0.49
7ZU8_K93_A_501 22% 55% 0.27 0.8910.49 1.23 - 310100%0.61