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12/17 PDB101 News

Take interactive tours of Molecular Machinery, Superbugs and Antibiotic Resistance, Nuclear Pore Complex, and HIV at PDB-101.

RCSB PDB News ImageThis interactive tour of Molecular Machinery in the PDB archive lets users select a structure, access a 3D view of the entry using the NGL Viewer, read a brief summary of the molecule’s biological role, and access the corresponding PDB entry and Molecule of the Month article.
RCSB PDB News ImageAntibiotics are one of the miracles of modern medicine, allowing us to fight infection by pathogenic bacteria. Explore how antibiotics attack essential molecular machines in bacteria with this interactive animation.
RCSB PDB News ImagePDB-101 highlights how these PDB structures have increased our understanding of HIV in an interactive animation and a poster.
RCSB PDB News ImageOur cells separate the process of protein synthesis into two compartments: DNA is transcribed to mRNA in the nucleus, while mRNA is translated to protein in the cytoplasm. This separation allows additional regulatory steps to be added to the process, such as capping and splicing of the mRNA. The nuclear pore complex (NPC), a huge channel embedded in the nuclear envelope, connects these two separated processes, providing two-way transport of nucleic acids and proteins between the nucleus and cytoplasm.

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