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UniProtKB description:  Involved in the transport of maltose and maltodextrins (PubMed:3301537, PubMed:2832377, PubMed:11742115, PubMed:7824948, PubMed:8805519, PubMed:9299337). Indispensable for translocation of maltodextrins (alpha 1-4 linked polyglucosyls) containing more than three glucosyl moieties. A hydrophobic path ('greasy slide') of aromatic residues serves to guide and select the sugars for transport through the channel (PubMed:7824948, PubMed:8805519, PubMed:9299337, PubMed:11742115). Also acts as a receptor for several bacteriophages including lambda (PubMed:4201774). Binds maltosaccharides; when LamB binds starch in soft agar, it inhibits motility (PubMed:2832377).
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