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UniProtKB description:  Peptide with both antimicrobial and neurotoxin activities. Inhibits voltage-dependent potassium channels. Potently blocks Kv1.1/KCNA1 (IC(50)=6.7-87 pM) and Kv1.3/KCNA3 (IC(50)=10-250 pM) (PubMed:10545177, PubMed:15665253, PubMed:23919482, PubMed:26288216, PubMed:28194851, PubMed:8567178, PubMed:9830012). Less potently blocks Kv1.4/KCNA4 (IC(50)=0.31 nM), and Kv1.6/KCNA6 (IC(50)=0.16 nM) (PubMed:9830012). Shows moderate activity on Kv1.2/KCNA2 (IC(50)=9 nM), Kv1.7/KCNA7 (IC(50)=11.5 nM), and KCa3.1/KCNN4 (Kd=0.03-30 nM) (PubMed:10419508, PubMed:9830012). Blocks Kv channels by binding to a shallow vestibule at the outer entrance to the ion conduction pathway and occluding the entrance to the pore (PubMed:10419508, PubMed:9830012). Shows antibacterial activity against all tested bacteria (the Gram-positive bacteria B.subtilis and S.aureus, and the Gram-negative bacteria S.typhimurium and P.aeruginosa) (PubMed:28796463).
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