Education Corner: Creating 3D Protein Models and Videos

05/20 PDB101 News

In the Spring 2024 Newsletter, learn about Building and Animating Catalase in a High School Classroom . AP Biology students at John H. Pitman High School were tasked with creating animations depicting an active site in catalase and the mechanistic breakdown of two hydrogen peroxide molecules. These animations were created using pipe cleaners, clay, toothpicks, and stop-motion cinematography. The data used to generate these animations were from RCSB Protein Data Bank resources, AlphaFold DB, and various scientific publications. This project represents a Science Technology Engineering Art and Math (STEAM) and Project Based Learning (PBL) approach to a common enzyme lab. Below is an anecdote depicting what the project was and meant to one of the students in the class.

Training Opportunities; a Python Package to Access the Search API; a new Cancer Molecular Animation; and more.

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