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03/29 PDB101 News

<I>Please take this brief survey about usage of DSN6-formatted data files.</I>Please take this brief survey about usage of DSN6-formatted data files.

In fall of 2024, electron density map coefficients will be available in the public PDB archive for all X-ray structures. These map coefficients will be the same as used in wwPDB Validation Reports.

These files will replace the electron density maps and combined map coefficient files distributed by RCSB PDB and used by the NGLviewer at These data are calculated using publicly-available coordinate files and structure factor files and offered in DSN6 format. RCSB PDB plans to shutdown the NGL viewer by July, 2024 and will no longer need these data (announcement).

RCSB PDB is asking software developers and data end users who may be using the current DSN6-formatted data files to take this brief survey (<5 minutes). Your responses will help us gauge the current use of the EDMAPS service and to help transition users to alternative data sources.

All survey responses are greatly appreciated! The survey will close May 1, 2024.