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New and enhanced features have been added to the RCSB PDB resource:

  • Protein Feature View provides a graphical summary of how different annotations correspond to PDB entries. New options include visualization of information from the wwPDB Validation Report and a summary of expression tags, cloning artifacts, and other mismatches between the studied protein and reference UniProt sequence.
  • The Sequence Cluster Report option will list protein chains as grouped in clusters by sequence identity (100% to 30%). For example, the 90% sequence cluster groups protein sequences that are at least 90% identical. This report option also includes UniProt Recommended and Alternative Names, Gene Name, and Macromolecular Name and Synonyms.
  • A new drill-down option identifies the most common UniProt molecule names represented in the PDB.
  • Pfam annotations have been updated to the latest version (28).
  • Options for chain-based analysis have been added to facilitate accurate searching and reporting.

See the What's New page for more details and examples.

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