Enter the Coronavirus CellPAINT Contest by May 31

04/28 PDB101 News

Show us how you can illustrate coronavirus with a new version of CellPAINT. The Scripps Research Center for Computational Structural Biology (CCSB) in association with RCSB PDB is hosting an image contest. There are two categories: Science and Art.

RCSB PDB News ImageImages for the “Science” category need to be accurate and present aspects of coronavirus structure and biology--create something that helps us understand the virus.
RCSB PDB News ImageIn the “Art” category, let your creativity run wild with any topic--create something that amazes and inspires.


CellPAINT is software for drawing pictures of cellular and viral systems, similar to a traditional digital paint program. The shapes and sizes of molecules are based on atomic structures taken from the Protein Data Bank, and the program allows you to build membranes, add membrane-bound proteins, and fill the inside and outside with soluble proteins and other molecules (more information).

For this contest, you can submit images created using the web-based program or the stand-alone version.

A CellPAINT tutorial provides information on how to create images using the program and a summary of the ultrastructure of the virus.

About the RCSB PDB and PDB-101 enables breakthroughs in scientific and biomedical research and education through tools and resources built on top of the PDB archive of 3D proteins and nucleic acids. Access COVID-19-related resources at the main RCSB PDB site and in the special section on Coronavirus at PDB-101, the educational portal of the RCSB PDB.

Contest Overview

  • The contest is open to all, with one entry per person in each category.
  • Submitted should be still images submitted in a familiar format (jpg, tiff, etc), that use CellPAINT in some or all of the image creation.
  • The contest will be judged by members of the CCSB and RCSB PDB.
  • Participants are encouraged to share their entries online with the hashtag #CVbyCellPAINT, but need to submit using the online form to be considered.

Submit by May 31, 2020:

Option 1: I have a Google Account

Option 2: I don't have a Google account

RCSB PDB News ImageWinners of each category will be awarded an original painting by David S. Goodsell.

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