Poster Prize Awarded at ACA


Briony Yorke.
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Briony Yorke.

The RCSB PDB Poster Prize at the 2011 Meeting of the American Crystallographic Association (ACA, May 28-June 2; New Orleans, LA), went to Briony Yorke for New Approaches to Time-Resolved Structural Studies of Macromolecules. Briony Yorke1, Arwen Pearson1, Mike Webb1, Robin Owen.2
(1The University of Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom, 2Diamond Light Source Ltd, Didcot, United Kingdom).

Briony will receive a subscription to Science and a copy of The International Tables of Crystallography Volume F.

Many thanks to the judges: Thomas Edwards (Emerald BioStructures), Katrina Forest (University of Wisconsin-Madison), and John Rose (The University of Georgia), and to Marcia Colquhoun and the ACA.

The prize will also be awarded at the upcoming ISMB and IUCr meetings.

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