wwPDB Events at IUCr (August 22-30, 2011)


IUCr meeting.
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IUCr meeting

Meet wwPDB directors and staff from around the globe at the XXII General Assembly and Congress of the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr, August 22-30, 2011) in Madrid, Spain.

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wwPDB Q&A Session (Thu Aug 25, 1:40 - 2:40pm). Come to Room Paris for an open discussion with the wwPDB directors about issues important to you and the PDB.

Oral Presentations

RCSB PDB Director Helen M. Berman will discuss The wwPDB and future perspectives in sharing macromolecular structure data as part of the session Developments and directions for crystallographic databases (MS27 Wed Aug 24, 3-5:35pm), chaired by RCSB PDB's Senior Software Architect John Westbrook and Saulius Gražulis (Vilnius University) in Room Londres.

In Friday's Keynote Lecture 16, Gerard Kleywegt (Head of PDBe) will address Validation and errors in protein structures (Fri Aug 26, 9-9:50am) in Auditorium A.

Later that morning, Swanand Gore (scientific programmer, PDBe) and Marina Zhuravleva (annotator, RCSB PDB) will describe Validation of small molecule and macromolecular X-ray structures. What are the differences and how can we learn from each other? together with Matthew Lightfoot (CCDC) as part of the session on Validation, error detection, and fraud prevention (MS43 Fri 43, Aug 26, 10:15am-12:15pm) in Auditorium A.

John Westbrook will present The wwPDB Working Format: A simplified application of CIF technology on Monday as part of the COMCIFS session (MS89 Archiving, exchange and retrieval of scientific data in the 21st century, Mon Aug 29, 10:15-12:50) in Room Londres.

Poster Presentations

Learn about The wwPDB Common Tool for Deposition and Annotation as presented by RCSB PDB Deputy Director Martha Quesada on Tue Aug 23 and Wed Aug 24 (MS27.P02(C403)).

During the poster session on Sat Aug 27 and Sun Aug 28, PDBj's Akira Kinjo will describe the Protein Data Bank on the semantic web (MS89.P01(C760)).

Exhibit Booth #51

Visit the wwPDB exhibit booth for demonstrations, conversations, materials, and more.

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