Summer Newsletter Published


Summer Newsletter Published.

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Summer Newsletter Published

The summer 2012 issue (HTML | PDF) has been published.

The cover describes some of the new features added in the latest website release.

Deposition articles include how to deposit structures with ligands, and how the Journal of Biological Chemistry will require PDB validation reports by the end of the summer.

Features related to Data Query, Reporting, and Access describe how to use drill-down pie charts to browse the PDB, domain-based structural alignments, and customizing the home page to enable sequence searching.

The Outreach and Education section looks at the many options available for learning about the Molecule of the Month, the new Virus Structures poster, and meeting and event news.

The Education Corner, by Andrew K. Vershon, looks at how students are Learning Science by Doing Science at the Waksman Student Scholars Program.

This quarterly newsletter is published online and in print. To request the printed version, please send your mailing address to Subscription information for the electronic version is available.

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