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PDB-101 offers different activities for learning about structures in the PDB.

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PDB-101 offers different activities for learning about structures in the PDB.

The PDB-101 website packages together resources that promote exploration in the world of proteins and nucleic acids for teachers, students, and the general public.

The Educational Resources section of PDB-101 offers different materials to help learn about structures in the PDB, including posters, animations, and classroom activities and lessons.

These activities and lessons include:

  • Exploring the Structure of tRNA. Build a paper model of the primary, secondary, and beginnings of the tertiary structure of tRNA. Visit the related activity page to learn more.
  • Virus Structure Lecture, Lesson Plans, and Activities. These resources, aimed at middle and high school classrooms, include templates to make 3D paper models of disease-causing viruses and review questions.
  • Green Fluorescent Protein Tutorial. With this tutorial you will find protein structures using search tools on the RCSB PDB website; use molecular visualization tools to explore the GFP structure and function; and find the GFP gene and view important mutations.
  • 3D Paper Model of DNA. Download this PDF to build one complete turn of a DNA double helix, with the major and minor grooves labeled. 
  • Education Corner. Other activities and lessons are available from the RCSB PDB Newsletter's Education Corner archives.

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