Curated 3D Views at PDB-101

11/06 PDB101 News

Written and illustrated by David S. Goodsell, Molecule of the Month features provide an easy introduction to PDB structures for teachers and students around the world.

Since January 2000, this series has explored the structure and function of biomacromolecules from AAA+ Proteases to Zika Virus. Each installment includes an introduction to the structure and function of the molecule, a discussion of the relevance of the molecule to human health and welfare. Most articles include interactive 3D views in JSmol to highlight specific structural features.

New 3D views have been added to popular articles including Collagen, Lysozyme, DNA, Ferritin, Hemoglobin, and Catalase. These features were handcrafted by RCSB PDB intern Belle Lin. Explore one of these new features today!

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