Meet the RCSB PDB at ACA



From July 29 - August 3, RCSB PDB will be at the ACA Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon. ACA is the Structural Science Society.

Presentations and activities will include:

  • Friday July 29 - Monday August 1: RCSB PDB Exhibit Booth #100. Stop by to say hello and learn about the latest RCSB PDB news
  • Saturday July 30: Director Stephen K. Burley presents Assessing Macromolecular Crystal Structures for Agreement with Experimental Data at the Individual Amino Acid Residue Level in Session 1.1.2 Use of AI predicted Models in Structural Biology/Crystallography
  • Sunday July 31: Stephen K. Burley presents RCSB PDB: Enhancing Data Exploration for Future Generations of PDB Users in Session 2.2.4 The Future Of Past Data For Single xtal, Cryo-EM, Powder & Micro-ED
  • Monday August 1: Christine Zardecki co-presents a poster on Bound! New Protein-Drug Matching Card Game from CCDC and PDB-101 (PS3-21)
  • Tuesday August 2: Stephen K. Burley presents Cryo-electron Microscopy Resolution Revolution Viewed Through the Lens of the Protein Data Bank in Session 4.1.4 Remembering Carroll K. Johnson: Structure Visualization from ORTEP to the Future
  • Tuesday August 2: Justin Flatt presents Improving the quality of 3D cryo-EM structure data at the Worldwide Protein Data Bank in 4.1.2 Hardware And Software Standardization In Structural Biology
  • Tuesday August 2: David Goodsell presents his award lecture Art as a Tool for Structural Biology. David will receive the I. Fankuchen Award, which recognizes contributions to crystallographic research by one who is known to be an effective teacher of crystallography.

The RCSB PDB Poster Prize will also be awarded to recognize a student poster presentation.

RCSB PDB is looking for Scientific Software Developers and Postdoctoral Fellows in computational chemistry and molecular visualization to join the RCSB PDB team at Rutgers and UC San Diego. Please come talk to us for more information.

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