Map Structures to Sequences with Protein Feature View


RCSB PDB's Protein Feature View visually summarizes how a full-length protein sequence from UniProt corresponds to PDB entries. It also loads annotations from external databases (such as Pfam) and homology models from the Protein Model Portal. Annotations visualizing predicted regions of protein disorder (computed with JRONN) and hydrophobic regions (as computed using a sliding window approach) are also displayed.

The Protein Feature View was recently redesigned to improve readability and to add descriptions of protein function, subunit structure, domains information, and genomic exon structure.

Protein Feature View can be launched from the "Molecular Description" section of a Structure Summary page (see 2D5Z) as well as by searching for a UniProt ID (P69905) or Gene Symbol (HBA1). These Protein View images can be exported as Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files.

The PDB to UniProt mapping is based on the data provided by the SIFTS project.

Protein Feature View

Protein Feature View for UniProt ID P69905 showing the new Exon Structure track

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