Molecular Origami: Build 3D models of Zika virus

01/31 PDB101 News

Zika virus infects people around the globe. For most, the virus causes a mild illness that is quickly fought off by the immune system. But a connection between Zika infection in pregnant women and birth defects has underscored the need to find ways to fight the disease. Zika is spread by mosquitos, so our primary defense is to remove breeding sites and to take measures to avoid being bitten. There are a few examples of the Zika virus and related structures available in the PDB archive. Public availability of these atomic coordinates to medical researchers worldwide will accelerate new antiviral drug and vaccine development.

To build paper models of the Zika virus, download and print the template PDFs (Zika Virus/5ire and Zika Virus with antibodies/5h37).

RCSB PDB News ImageBuild a paper model of Zika virus (PDB entry 5ire)
RCSB PDB News ImagePaper model of Zika virus with neutralizing antibodies (PDB entry 5h37)
RCSB PDB News ImageCut out the structure along the dashed lines, and fold along the solid lines. Then tape or glue the flaps into place to form the viral icosahedron.

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