Looking at Structures: A Resource for Learning About PDB Data


Electron density map.

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Electron density maps are used in determining molecular structure; from "Looking at Structures".
Where are all the hydrogen atoms in this file? Should I care about the R-factor? Why are there 20 overlapped structures in my file? These questions and many others are explored in the RCSB PDB's  online feature Looking at Structures.

Using text, images, and interactive Jmols, Looking at Structures intends to help researchers and educators get the most out of the PDB archive. Broad topics include how to understand PDB data, visualize structures, read coordinate files, and be aware of potential challenges in exploring the archive.

A Table of Contents appears on the right side of every page so at any time users can access the individual pages: Biological Assemblies, Dealing with Coordinates, Methods for Determining Structure, Missing Coordinates and Biological Assemblies, Molecular Graphics Programs, Resolution, R-value and R-free, and Structure Factors and Electron Density.

Looking at Structures is linked from the General Education section of the left-hand menu as Understanding PDB Data

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