Annual Report Published


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The cover illustration represents the new categorized view for navigating through the archive of Molecule of the Month columns. Each structure shown represents a major, top-level functional category that can be browsed through descriptive subcategories that lead to individual features.

Download the 2010 Annual Report (PDF) for an overview of the RCSB PDB resource and its recent activities.

Since 2000, the Annual Report has provided yearly snapshots of the project.  With this year's edition, printed reports will not be mailed directly to users.  

Aimed at the RCSB PDB's diverse community of PDB users in academia, industry, and education, the report highlights recent accomplishments in the report period of July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010. It explores the RCSB PDB's different activities in "data in" (data deposition, validation, and annotation), "data out" (data access, query, and reporting), and corresponding outreach and education activities.

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