Poster Prize Awarded at ISMB


RCSB PDB Poster Prize winner Mickey Kosloff.

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RCSB PDB Poster Prize winner Mickey Kosloff.

The RCSB PDB Poster Prize at the 18th Annual International Conference for Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB, July 11-13; Boston, MA) went to Mickey Kosloff for Structure-based redesign of selective G-protein inactivation by RGS proteins (Mickey Kosloff, Amanda M. Travis and Vadim Y. Arshavsky, Duke University Medical Center). Mickey will receive two educational books for the award. 

Many thanks to the judges: Manisha Brahmachary, Brian Chen, Fabian Dey, Markus Fischer, Tobias Hamp, Laszlo Kajan, Eugenia Lyashenko, Marco Punta, Shruti Rastogi, Ta-tsen    Soong (Columbia University), Avner Schlessinger (University of California San Francisco), and Mikhail Dozmorov (Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation). Thanks also to Poster Committee Chair Yana Bromberg (Columbia University) and to the International Society for Computational Biology.


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