Guide to Understanding PDB Data: Small Molecules

06/20 PDB101 News

The constantly-growing PDB is a reflection of the research that is happening in laboratories across the world. This can make it both exciting and challenging to use the database in research and education.

PDB-101's Guide to Understanding PDB Data was created to help users navigate through the contents of the archive without having a detailed background in structural biology.

Topics cover biological assemblies, molecular graphics programs, R-value and R-free, and more.

A new chapter has been added to help users examine the Small Molecule Ligands are represented in the PDB archive. Topics in this article include:

  • General Overview
  • Representation of Ligands in Entry Files
  • Free Ligands vs. Ligands in Polymers
  • Biologically Interesting Molecules
  • Electron Density Visualization
  • Ideal and Model Ligand Representations

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