Explore Improved Carbohydrate Data


A new data representation for carbohydrates in PDB entries and reference data improves the Findability and Interoperability of these molecules in macromolecular structures.

Access oligosaccharide Information from Structure Summary pages (example: 1b5f), including names, 2D Symbol Nomenclature For Glycans (SNFG) images, glycosylation sites, and 3D interaction view. BIRD molecules for entries containing commonly-known di-, tri- saccharides or blood antigens that have BIRD definitions are also listed.

The Mol* 3D view options displays 3D SNFG representations for carbohydrates for easy identification of sugars and their neighboring environment.

From the top bar Basic Search, find oligosaccharide containing entries by a specific glycosylation site or by an exact linear descriptor provided in the PDB files.

Use Advanced Search to find entries with glycosylation in the Polymer Molecular Features or entries with Oligosaccharide Features by searching any of these attributes: linear descriptors, systematic name, monosaccharide composition, etc.

Advanced Search optionsAdvanced Search options

Oligosaccharide features from the return of search results can be created and downloaded using pre-defined Oligosaccharide or Custom tabular report.

Items in the Oligosaccharide Report can also be used to generate a Custom ReportItems in the Oligosaccharide Report can also be used to generate a Custom Report

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