Enriched Model Files Conforming to OneDep Data Standards Now Available in the PDB FTP Archive

07/11 wwPDB News

The model files in the PDB FTP archive have been updated to V5.0 of the PDBx/mmCIF dictionary. Both mmCIF and XML formats have been updated. These files were provided previously for the community to review and test. There is no change to PDB format files as PDB format is a legacy format. These, therefore, do not contain all of the remediated information.

The changes to V5.0 include:

  • Improved audit categories to capture details of changes to files down to the category level for entry revisions.
  • Better organized data content and much more extensive metadata in model files for electron microscopy derived models.
  • Corrected source organism and sequence references for each sequence fragment in chimeric proteins.
  • Standardized data in several categories, including software name, detector name and detector type.

The complete list of changes can be found at the wwPDB website.

Questions regarding V5.0 data should be sent to

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