Beta version #4 of RCSB PDB Mobile for Android


Beta version #4 of RCSB PDB <i>Mobile</i> for Android

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Beta version #4 of RCSB PDB Mobile for Android

(PLEASE NOTE: if you have a previous beta version of the software installed, you must manually uninstall it first via Android settings -> Apps)

Beta #4 of the Android version of RCSB PDB Mobile app is available for download. This update includes fixes for some bugs.

RCSB PDB users with Android phones or tablets using version 2.3 or higher of the Android OS satisfying the testing requirements can download beta version #4 of RCSB PDB Mobile. Please note that tablet support is currently preliminary and will be firmed up in a future beta release.

This edition of RCSB PDB Mobile is still very much under development. Please let us know about any issues encountered in installation or use, especially in regard to formatting in the user interface.

RCSB PDB Mobile is also available the iPhone/iPod/iPad.

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