Head Back to School with PDB-101


The DNA paper model and <i>Molecule of the Month</i> article have been translated into Spanish.
The DNA paper model and Molecule of the Month article have been translated into Spanish.

PDB-101 resources promote exploration in the world of proteins and nucleic acids for teachers, students, and the general public.  A video tour highlights some of the different features available.

Recent additions to PDB-101's Educational Resources include:

The flyer What is a Protein? introduces protein structure and function to beginners (PDF).

Structures of the Citric Acid Cycle illustrates the PDB structures involved in this important metabolic pathway (PDF).

A new page groups together 3D paper models available for download.

This includes a video demontration of the DNA model, DNA resources translated into Spanish, and the HIV capsid model (PDF).

To visit PDB-101 from the main RCSB PDB site, click on the blackboard PDB-101 logo or its related widget in the left-hand menu. This view offers easy navigation: select any Molecule of the Month article from the top bar pull-down menu or choose one of the tabs to jump to other sections. Select the blue RCSB PDB logo from the top of the page at any time to return to the main website.

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