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The new Protein Symmetry Browser
The new Protein Symmetry Browser

New and enhanced features have been added to the RCSB PDB, including:

Drug and Drug Target Mapping. Two new tables provide access to drug and drug target information from DrugBank mapped to PDB entries. These tables, accessed from the Tools menu, can be searched by generic or brand drug name, filtered, and sorted:

  • The Drugs Bound to Primary Targets Table lists drugs bound to primary target(s), or a homolog of primary target(s), i.e., co-crystal structures of drugs.
  • The Primary Drug Targets Table lists primary drug targets in the PDB, regardless if the drug molecule is part of the PDB entry (e.g., apo forms of drug targets, drug target with different bound ligands).  Biotherapeutics, such as complexes with monoclonal antibodies, are included.

Protein Symmetry. Options to explore local and helical symmetry have been added to our protein symmetry resources, which include data distribution summaries (on the home page and for search results), Advanced Search, and the Jmol viewer.

The new Protein Symmetry Browser can also be used to browse for structures.

New Jmol/3D View pageThe layout of options for viewing a structure in 3D has been improved to provide quick access.  Select from views that highlight Secondary Structure, Subunits, or Symmetry, or use the Custom View to utilize different features.  All views can be saved as an image file.

See the What's New page for more new features and examples.

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