Molecular Explorations Through Biology and Medicine


The online portal PDB-101 is aimed at teachers, students, and the general public to promote molecular explorations through biology and medicine. This website ("101", as in an entry-level course) presents introductory materials that introduce beginners to the structures of proteins and nucleic acids contained in the PDB archive.

The PDB-101 resource has been reorganized to provide better access to curricular materials, paper models, Molecule of the Month articles, and other materials developed by the RCSB PDB. Users can search the website for related materials using molecule name or keyword. The Browse option can be used to explore available PDB-101 resources organized by topics such as immune system and renewable energy.

2016 Calendar Cover
A new calendar highlighting protein-drug complexes in the PDB archive is available for download in PDF (4 MB) and PowerPoint (20 MB) formats from PDB-101.

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