New Feature: Pathway View


3D structures of an increasing number of proteins that perform reactions within metabolic pathways are available in the PDB. To accommodate a deeper structural view of biology, the new Pathway View allows users to browse through well-characterized metabolic pathways and access the corresponding PDB entries.

Access Pathway View from the top menu Visualize options. It has also been integrated into the Structure Summary pages of PDB entries linked to pathways. In addition, the Protein Feature View page displays a map of the relevant pathway portion if the corresponding UniProt sequence is linked to a metabolic pathway.

Additional information about Pathway View is available.

RCSB PDB News ImageCitric Acid Cycle as seen in Pathway View. The color-coding indicates what parts of the pathway have been determined at atomic level resolution in PDB, inferred via homology models, or cannot be modeled right now.
RCSB PDB News ImageThe Citric Acid Cycle was also highlighted by the Molecule of the Month

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