Search Results, Simplified.


Searches at now return PDB structures using a redesigned layout. The user interface puts the structures at the top of the page. The left column provides summary information at a glance by indicating the distribution of structures in categories, including by organism, UniProt molecule name, taxonomy, and more. A search for collagen, for example, shows that 277 structures related to collagen were determined by X-ray crystallography. The items in this column can also be used to refine a search. In this same example, clicking on X-ray Resolution less than 1.5 Å will display the corresponding high resolution structures.

Similar to RCSB PDB's home page and Structure Summary pages, the responsive layout of the Search Results page is designed to appear well on mobile devices.

Search Results can be used to generate tables, download data, and create galleries of images. For more information, view the What's New page or enter a search term in the top box.

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