Celebrating PDB50 in Virtual Reality

10/15 PDB101 News

Using Nanome software, people can meet in virtual reality (VR) and explore molecular data loaded from the PDB.

To celebrate PDB50, RCSB PDB Biocurator Gregg Crichlow joined Nanome's Carla Gauss inside VR to explore some of the groundbreaking structures in the PDB archive for the field of structure-based drug design: hemoglobin (2DHB), aspirin bound to cyclooxygenase (1PTH), antibiotic-binding proteins (1CEF, 1BLC), and cancer-related proteins (1FPU, 6OIM).

Previously, Gregg explored spike proteins with Nanome; Nanome was also highlighted in an Education Corner feature on Exploring the Molecules of Biological Warfare in Virtual Reality.

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